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The first Griffon Vulture has hatched in Stara planina since 70 years
[ 09.06.2015 ]
After tens of years of hard work, and only six years after the start of the release programme, Vrachanski Balkan has reported the very first baby Griffon Vulture. This is how dreams come true!
he Balck Vulture in Kotel Mountain is the same specimen from Kresna Gorge observed in the beginning of May 2015.
[ 04.06.2015 ]
The photoes, captured by the phototraps as well as Hristo Peshev from FWFF allowed the team to compare and confirm that the Black Vulture photographed in Kresna in May is the same as the individual which currently keeps company to the Griffons in Kotel and Sliven.
The Griffon Vulture K77 from Vrachanski Balkan went to… the Black Sea.
[ 02.06.2015 ]
The vulture started from Vratsa and reached the seaside for four days, but was obviously not that impressed, as it quickly returned to the cliffs of Vratsa.
We released the vultures Svetkavitsa (Flash) and Extreme
[ 22.05.2015 ]
The team of the Vultures Return Project, kids from two triathlon clubs – 3Extreme Plovdiv and Triton Extreme – Assenovgrad, as well as some friends from Sofia released not one but two Griffon Vultures from the adaptation aviary in Central Balkan.
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