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Green Belt Day „Exhibition in a Barn”
[ 24.09.2016 ]
The Green Belt day – 24.09.2016, will be marked for the first time in Levka village (Svilengrad municipality) by the opening of an exhibition that includes different specimens of fine art. The place was chosen in random! 

Who are the godparents of the Bulgarian vultures from Stara planina and Pirin – learn more here…
[ 01.09.2016 ]
Dear friends, as stated a few days ago, the teams of Green Balkans, the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund and BPPS may praise ourselves that, after 15 years of hard work we can consider that Griffon Vulture has been restored in the Balkan Montains of Bulgaria and Kresna (Pirin). We can say this as there are 25 nesting pairs and 11 young reared in the three target areas – Vrachanski Balkan, Kotel (Sliven), and Kresna (Pirin). For this international event our vultures received the names of 10 distinguished naturalists from all over Europe, with a great contribution to vulture protection. Who are they? For more information, visit:
EVN Elektrorazpredelenie EAD will isolate a total of 41 killer pylons to protect the vultures and other birds of prey of Kotlenska planina area
[ 31.08.2016 ]
EVN undertook to isolate for free a total of 41 of the pylons, identified by the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) as dangerous for vultures and other birds of prey living in Kotlenska planina.
Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest Winners
[ 31.08.2016 ]
After long and hard evaluation process, and the great desire of the jury to distinguish more than five winners, the time has come to unveil to the great public the photograph that has made it to the top.

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