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A Bearded Vulture baby hatched at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans
[ 13.03.2017 ]
Just a couple of days ago, with the help of our colleagues from our VCF a baby Bearded Vulture hatched in the aviaries of the Wildlife Rescue Centre.
First attempts for copulations of the pair of Egyptian Vultures at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans
[ 10.03.2017 ]
Really wonderful things happen at the Rescue Centre this spring! Yet another long wait is finally over and we saw the first attempts for copulation of the pair of Egyptian Vultures.
Planned huge safeguard of powerlines for birds in Western Bulgaria has met out team and CEZ Company
[ 23.02.2017 ]
Bright future for Black vulture’s team has met managers from the local electricity providing company CEZ to present and discuss dangerous powerlines and how to stop killing of birds. Emilian Stoynov, who is the Director of Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and is a part of project’s team, has presented the various accidents with birds-victims from electrocution
Wild rescuers in the snow
[ 26.01.2017 ]
When the thick snow fells and is very romantic, high in the mountain, the roads are inaccessible, and the vultures from the adaptation aviary – very, very hungry. And then help arrives in the form of the “Bright Future for the Black Vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 project team with the aid of the young participants of the MoE’s “Student Practices” project.

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