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The Griffon Vultures kept at the Wildlife Rescue Centre already laid an egg!
[ 20.01.2015 ]
After the pair raised their first son in 2014, we hope that the pair has gained enough experience so they would successfully hatch yet another baby this year!
Purvolet, our first-born baby Griffon Vulture, left his home!
[ 13.01.2015 ]
The first-born son of our pair of Griffon Vultures, together with 34 vultures from Spain, left the Wildlife Rescue Centre in stara Zagora, on his way to freedom.
The Balkan Vulture Census 2014
[ 02.12.2014 ]
Teams of staff and volunteers of Green Balkans, Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and the Birds of Prey Protection Society reported over 57 Griffon Vultures at the five release sites in the Balkan Mountains and Kresna Gorge.
34 new Griffon Vultures arrived from Spain
[ 01.12.2014 ]
After a three-day journey across Europe, the birds arrived in Stara Zagora to become a part of the family of the Vultures Return in Bulgaria Project.
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