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Schonnbrunn Zoo hosts a Bulgarian Bearded Vulture!
[ 16.03.2018 ]
Schonnbrunn Zoo has become the second home of a Bearded Vulture hosted at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans.
A Bearded Vulture hatched at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans
[ 23.02.2018 ]
Yesterday, the first chick for the year hatched at the Wildlife Rescue Centre, assisted by our team, and it is not a random bird but a Bearded Vulture!
A Griffon Vulture is wandering in the town of Sliven once again
[ 16.02.2018 ]
Vigilant citizens signaled for a Griffon Vulture roaming in the town of Sliven. The bird is a guest from Germany.
The Griffons of the Vrachanski Balkan NP area already starting to nest, while two more birds have recently been released.
[ 12.02.2018 ]
One of the birds came from a French Zoo and was tagged with a special transmitter to help us follow its adaptation into the wild.
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