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Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest 2016
[ 30.06.2016 ]
“Balkan Green Belt” 2016 photo contest is organized by Green Balkans within a joint project implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Green Balkans, and EuroNatur (Germany) aimed at promoting the European Green Belt.
We invite all visitors and residents along the Balkan Green Belt to go on a journey of exploration and photograph the most beautiful motives and most impressive experiences.
Be part of the first Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest taking place in all of the nine countries along the Balkan Green Belt!


The breeding season of the Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Balkan Mountains has started!
[ 05.02.2016 ]
We already have an incubating pair and other two, which are currently building nests. We are keeping fingers crossed for our birds!
A pair of Griffon vultures laid first egg at Wildlife Center Rakitna
[ 31.01.2016 ]
The female Griffon vulture Saniye laid an egg at the Wildlife Center in Rakitna. The bird has only one wing due to shooting by a poacher in Turkey. The male vulture named K0J has suffered an uneasy fate too, ended with severe wing’s injury.
We have officially launched the Bright Future for Black Vulture Project LIFE14 NAT/BG/649
[ 25.01.2016 ]
The new seven-year project, devoted on Black Vulture restoration in Bulgaria was presented with an official press-conference held on January 22nd in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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