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Alwetterzoo Munster granted us one more Griffon Vulture
[ 28.08.2014 ]
After a two-day trip, the five-month-old Griffon Vulture has just arrived at the adaptation aviary of Central Balkan, to be released into the wild next spring.
Purvolet fledged!
[ 18.08.2014 ]
At three months and a half, our first Griffon Vulture, hatched in the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Green Balkans - Stara Zagora, finally fledged!
A renowned expert on Bearded Vultures visited Green Balkans
[ 15.08.2014 ]
Dr. Alejandro LLopis, who is an expert on captive breeding of Bearded Vultures, visited Green Balkans in order to consult us and follow the progress of the pair kept at our Wildlife Rescue Centre.
To Romaina and back - the story of a rescued vulture and new friends
[ 07.08.2014 ]
Not everyone’s phone would ring at 22,30 and the owner of a Romanian number would state in clear Bulgarian that someone has found an eagle.
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