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Griffon Vulture K5L is alive and back to Sliven
[ 04.02.2015 ]
After more than a year of regular service, the transmitter of K5L stopped last September and we had no news about her since then!
Our pair of Bearded Vultures formed a family!
[ 28.01.2015 ]
After eight long years of waiting, it finally seems like our female Bearded Vulture has accepted her partner!
The two Bearded Vultures in the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans are the only representatives of their species in Bulgaria.
The Griffon Vultures kept at the Wildlife Rescue Centre already laid an egg!
[ 20.01.2015 ]
After the pair raised their first son in 2014, we hope that the pair has gained enough experience so they would successfully hatch yet another baby this year!
Purvolet, our first-born baby Griffon Vulture, left his home!
[ 13.01.2015 ]
The first-born son of our pair of Griffon Vultures, together with 34 vultures from Spain, left the Wildlife Rescue Centre in stara Zagora, on his way to freedom.
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