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  • 20 years protecting the Bulgarian nature

    Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.

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  • Green Balkans Dolphins web site

    Green Balkans Black sea doplhins conservation programme.

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  • Be part of Lesser Kestrel recovery

    Lesser Kestrel donation program has been launched. Become part of the unique events related to the recovery of an extinct species!

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  • Red Breasted Goose new web site

    Green Balkans introduces the new web site about Red Breasted Goose conservation

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Released in Sakar SPA

A Peregrine Falcon is the latest patient that the Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre has cured and released into the wild.
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First nest of Griffon Vultures in Central Balkan Mountains

The young birds surprised the team of Green Balkans, placing its nest on… the ground!
The vultures from the programme for the restoration of vultures in the Balkan Mountains sometimes present us with real surprises… Just like two of the birds, seen regularly near the vulture adaptation aviary at the village of Tuzha, Central Balkan. Yesterday, the field assistant of the Vultures Back to LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project informed us that there is pair of vultures sitting on an egg in a nest on the ground. The team of Green Balkans got quite confused as Griffon Vultures usually nest in remote cliffs high above the ground. Furthermore, the birds remaining in the area of release are mostly young, there are no nearby colonies in the mountains so we did not expect breeding attempts so soon.
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The Female Rule in the Lesser Kestrel Kingdom in Sakar SPA in NATURA 2000

At last the second female bird returned from Africa. To this day, in the Lesser Kestrel Adaptation and Release Module in Levka village, there are 10 birds, that have returned. The maths show that there are 4 males for every female. In any given moment, no matter where one turns, the females are surrounded by fighting or offering their caresses and gifts (freshly captured delicious mice) males. How can they be indifferent to that kind of attention?
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