Green BalkansFederation of nature conservation NGOs

  • 20 years protecting the Bulgarian nature

    Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.

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  • Green Balkans Dolphins web site

    Green Balkans Black sea doplhins conservation programme.

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  • Be part of Lesser Kestrel recovery

    Lesser Kestrel donation program has been launched. Become part of the unique events related to the recovery of an extinct species!

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  • Red Breasted Goose new web site

    Green Balkans introduces the new web site about Red Breasted Goose conservation

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Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest 2017

“Balkan Green Belt” 2017 photo contest is organized by Green Balkans within a joint project implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Green Balkans, and EuroNatur (Germany) aimed at promoting the European Green Belt.
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One more baby Griffon Vulture tagged in Kotel

One more baby Griffon Vulture was tagged on 05.07.2017 in Kotlenska planina. Volunteers of Green Balkans and interns, participating in the “Student practices” project of the Ministry of Education and Science took part in the action.
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Cetacean survey in Bulgarian territorial waters of the Black Sea

In the period 16-23 June, a team of Green Balkans’ experts and volunteers executed a vessel survey on abundance, distribution and density of cetaceans’ population in Bulgarian territorial waters of the Black Sea. Territorial sea of Bulgaria includes strip with a width of 12 nautical miles adjacent to the coast and the internal waters measured from the baselines with total area of 6 358 sq. km. 
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Three vulture species in Kotel

Three vulture species in Kotel were registered together for third year in a row, at the vultures feeding side, managed by FWFF. A Black Vulture with number 88 and a transmitter, marked in Dadia (Greece), Egyptian Vulture with transmitter - named Iliaz (marked in 2012 in Eastern Rhodopes by BSPB) and some of the local Griffon Vultures appear simultaneously (see the pictures). The Black and the Egyptian Vultures were extinct from the area for decades and this year a record presence was registered - so far two different Black Vultures and at least 5 different Egyptian Vultures.
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