[31-07-2017] Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest 2017 “Balkan Green Belt” 2017 photo contest is organized by Green Balkans within a joint project implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Green Balkans, and EuroNatur (Germany) aimed at promoting the European Green Belt.
[17-07-2017] We Are Extending the Closing Date on the Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest The holiday season is upon us, so Green Balkans extends the closing date for the photo competition until 31 July.
[08-12-2016] The Europeans Saved Their Nature Laws with a Massive Campaign
The European Commission confirmed that the two main directives for environmental protection in the EU (the Birds Directive, and the Habitat Directive) will be left unchanged as a result of the huge campaign “Nature Alert!” for their protection. – “Let us enforce the Directives better from now on”, the NGOs say.


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