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In our country everything is upside down print Bookmark and Share
Another civic presence was set up in front of the Council of Ministers in November 20th 2007 due to the expected decision on the final range of the NATURA 2000 network. The motto of the action was: Everything upside down in our country.

The citizens came disguised – men dressed like women and women dressed like men as a serial proof that everything is upside down in Bulgaria.

This protest marked a one-year-anniversary since citizens started to be present during the sessions of the Council of Ministers to remind the statesmen that there are people with an active position on the conservation of Bulgarian natural heritage.

The active citizens called for dropping off the absurd decision not to include the areas “with approved general and/or detailed structure plans at the date of designation” as well as the concession areas in the NATURA 2000 network. This decision threatens a great deal of the proposed protected zones.

A copy of the Constitution of Bulgaria with underlined the articles violated by the on-going construction near Panichishte in the Rila NP as well as the investment intentions such as Super Borovets, Super Perelik (see details below) was handed to all ministers entering the session.

Unfortunately the Council of Ministers did not include the range of the NATURA 2000 network in its agenda that day. This will probably happen next week, when another civic presence will be set up.

See picture from the civic presence here:

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