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Hundreds of herons were observed at Konush Reservoir in the International Day of Biological Diversity [ 2011-05-25 ] print Bookmark and Share
The International Day of Biological Diversity – 22 May was celebrated in the village of Konush, Municipality of Asenovgrad, in Bulgaria. At Konush Reservoir (near the village) is situated the biggest Heron colony in the inland part of Bulgaria.

The event was organized by Green Balkans NGO and the mayor of Konush. Many local people, Green Balkans’ volunteers and friends, as well as representatives of governmental institutions and media visited the village and the reservoir of Konush to observe the Heron colony. Green Balkans NGO made a special presentation about the herons and the significance of biological diversity as a whole. After the presentation the NGO provided the relevant equipment – spotting scopes and binoculars, for the guests to be able to observe the colony.
Despite the great enthusiasm the guests could observe the Heron colony only from a distance. The observation camp was situated under a big tree in the picturesque meadows at the east bank of Konush Reservoir. The place was chosen by Green Balkans in order to avoid disturbance of the birds, which are still sitting on their nests.

Despite that the colony is hidden in the thick vegetation of a group of poplars, the most observant guests could count about 800 occupied nests. The two pairs of Squacco Herons provoked the biggest interest. This species could not be seen in the region for several years but now it has returned and is even nesting. In the colony most numerous and noisy are the Night Herons, followed by the beautiful Little Egrets.

In the vicinity of the reservoir are also nesting several pairs of Little Bittern, a pair of Black Storks, Great Crested Grebes and many other birds. Because of its great biological diversity, the small reservoir of Konush is a protected territory according to the national legislation and also a part of the European Ecologacal Network NATURA 2000.

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Neli Arabadzhieva, e-mail:

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