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A young vulture crashed by train
[ 24.08.2018 ]
Our team has the difficult task to help a young Griffon vulture, which has lost a wing after an accident with a train.
The vulture Riga has already been accommodated in the hack, Boyan and Ostrava have successfully fledged
[ 17.08.2018 ]
Yesterday Riga was accommodated in its new temporary home: hack in the region of Kotel.
Riga the vulture is arriving
[ 14.08.2018 ]
The vultures Boyan and Ostrava are feeling great, they are eating and growing well. We expect that until the next ten days – two weeks they will leave the nest, as we hope that their first attempts for flight will be successful!
Historical for nature conservation - the first release of a black vulture in Bulgaria
[ 26.07.2018 ]
The vultures Boyan, Riga and Ostrava are the first Black vultures to be released into the wild in Bulgaria.
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