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MARCH - the Bearded Vulture Month
[ 31.03.2019 ]
We are starting a new tradition - we are going to dedicate each month to a different species we are helping protect. We are dedicating March to the bearded vulture.
The cinereous vulture Ostrava was found dead!
[ 25.02.2019 ]
It is with deep regret that we inform you of the death of one of the three cinereous vultures released in Bulgaria as part of the species reintroduction program in our country!
Happy Holidays!
[ 02.01.2019 ]
Happy holidays, friends!
Once again we joined the census of wintering griffon vultures on the Balkan Peninsula
[ 21.11.2018 ]
We joined the 14th traditional census of wintering griffon vultures on the Balkan Peninsula, coordinated by the BSPB in partnership with Green Balkans, the FWFF, BPPS as well as nature conservation organizations from Greece, Serbia and Macedonia.

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