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Our current adopters
These are the people, who have supported the “Vultures Return in Bulgaria LIFE08 NAT/BG/278 Project.


  • His Excellency Karel van Kesteren;
  • Mr. Reinhard Krapp;
  • The Vanchevs;
  • ConturGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3
  • Mrs. Elaine Hollyoak;
  • Unitemp Ltd;
  • Lewis Philips;
  • Ralitsa Hess;
  • Maria Petrova;

Karel van Kesteren

His Excellency Karel van Kesteren – Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands to Bulgaria and Godfather of Giertje the female Griffon tagged K08, granted by DierenPark Amersfoort, Netherlands:

Reinhard Krapp

Mr. Reinhard Krapp - Council-minister at the Dutch Embassy at Republic of Bulgaria and God-father of the vulture Emma - K3A, donated by Alwetterzoo Munster, Germany:

The Vanchevs

The Vanchevs Family – funded a GPS/GSM transmitter fitted on Berkley the male Griffon tagged K22:

... and got a GPS/GSM transmitter for Nes (К2C):


ContourGlobal - Maritsa Iztok 3

ContourGlobal - Maritsa Iztok 3 – fitted a GPS/GSM transmitter on Maritsa (K1V): 


Mrs. Elaine Hollyoak

Mrs. Elaine Hollyoak - secured the monthly maintenance of K4N in the aviary of Sliven:

Unitemp Ltd

Unitemp Ltd - Godfathers of Spartacus (K3U):


Lewis Phillips

Lewis Phillips and his Bengalese Owl Reggie, God-fathers of the vulture Reggie (K4T) from the Central Balkan release site. 

Ralitsa Hess

Ralitsa Hess - God-mother of the vulture Otec Grigorii (Priest Grigorii) - K4L - purchased a transmitter for tracking his adaptation into the wild.

Maria Petrova
Maria Petrova - secured the monthly fee to adopt the vulture K65 from the Central Balkan adaptation aviary. 

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