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Project summary
Project summary

“Conservation measures for target species of the EU Birds Directive – Lesser Kestrel, Black Vulture, and Imperial Eagle in their main habitats in Bulgaria”


Lesser Kestrel (Falconaumanni),
Black Vulture (Aegypiusmonachus),
Imperial Eagle (Аquilaheliaca) and their habitats.

- Support and maintenance of the populations of rare bird species included in the EEC Birds Directive (79/409/ЕЕС) and their habitats;
- Creating conditions for increasing their numbers and restoring their populations in their former habitats
reducing the conflict between the target species and the realization of investment intentions and projects.


  • Increasing the nesting success of the breeding Imperial Eagles and Black Vultures
  • Improving the conditions for nesting of the target species;
  • "Ex-situ" activities for restoring the population of the Lesser Kestrel;
  • Identification of areas from the habitats of the target species sensitive to investment intentions;
  • Raising the public awareness on the aims and effects of raptor conservation and biodiversity protection in general.

36 months, August 2009 - July 2012

BUDGET:  663 667 BGN


  • Guarding and supplementary feeding of Eastern Imperial Eagles - focused approach on separate breeding pair. We use in Bulgarian "individual pair approach" which means that each single pair targeted by the project is fed and guardedby a separate field officer all day around;
  • Supplementary feeding of Cinereous Vulture in East Rodopi;
  • Radio and satellite tracking of Eastern Imperial Eagle and Cinereous Vulture, both young and adults - to distinguish breeding pairs home range, to study movements and temporary settlement areas etc.;
  • Providing nesting grounds for target species. In long term perspective - planting suitable native trees. In short term perspective - providing nest boxes for Lesser kestrel and placement of artificial nests for Eastern Imperial Eagle and Cinereous Vulture;
  • Identification of potential areas for restoring Lesser Kestrel population (habitat modeling);
  • Discovery of yet unknown nests of breeding pairs of Eastern Imperial Eagle;
  • Monitoring of death rate under power lines in vicinity of the target Imperial Eagle's pairs;
Establishment of a captive breeding group of Lesser Kestrels and appropriate set of aviaries and vivarium for them.

The project area will comprise the territories of the Derventski Heights, Sakar, the Eastern Rodopi Mountains, part of Strandja, and their adjacent areas, which harbour the main habitats of the three target species. Ex situ activities will take place in the Green Balkans Wildlife Centre in Stara Zagora.
Administrative Districts in the project scope: Haskovo, Yambol, Sliven, Burgas, Stara Zagora.
Municipalities in the project scope: Ivailovgrad, Svilengrad, Elhovo, Blyarovo, Tundja, Sliven, Stara Zagora etc.

Natura 2000 sites in the project scope:

BG0002019 Byala reka,
BG0002021 Sakar,
BG0002066 Western Strandzha,
BG0002106 Ivailovgrad Reservoir,
BG0002059 Kamenski Bair;

BG0000212 Sakar,
BG0000219 Derventzki vаzvisheniyа 2,
BG0001032 RODOPI - Iztochni.


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