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We are extending the deadline for the ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE ‘Vultures – nature’s sanitarian team’ aimed at students in 6th and 7th grades
[ 17.03.2020 ]
We are extending the deadline for the online quiz "Vultures – Nature’s sanitarian team" - register until April 20, 2020.

Green Balkans is a national, non-governmental, nature conservation organization that has been working for over 30 years for the conservation of rare and endangered species and their habitats.

Since its establishment, one of the main goals of the organization has been to recover the bearded vulture as a breeding species in Bulgaria. It is a symbol of Bulgarian nature conservation, but due to human activities, it disappeared in the 1960s from Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. However, before we can recover the bearded vulture, we must make sure that the condition of the other 3 vulture species (Griffon, Egyptian, and Black) is stable. That is why our team has started activities to restore the Griffon and Black Vultures to their previous breeding grounds in the regions of Sliven, Kotel, Vratsa, Kresna, Blagoevgrad and Ivaylovgrad.

In order to gain a broader understanding of the conservation of vultures and to increase public support and concern for protected areas and species, we invite you to take part in the Online quiz ‘Vultures – Nature’s sanitarian team’.
The quiz aims to arouse the students' interest in these extremely important and rare animals, increase their knowledge and thus contribute to the long-term conservation of the species and their habitats in the country.
► Who can join?
The quiz is aimed at students in 6th and 7th grades from schools in some of the following municipalities: Sliven, Kotel, Vratsa, Kresna, Blagoevgrad, Strumyani, Simitli and Sandanski.
► What do you need to do?
• Download and view the information about vultures HERE.
You can find out more about the species from the video HERE.
• If you would like to participate in the quiz, please fill out the following online form ⇒ by April 20, 2020. You must enter the teacher's name, name of educational institution, location, telephone and e- mail of the contact person, preliminary number of students, as well as the desired date for conducting.
• It is necessary to familiarize the students with the information in the attached document on which the quiz is based.
• Once you’ve registered, one of our colleagues will contact you to further clarify the date of the online quiz - April 27, 28, or April 29.
• The quiz will be delivered online through the Edmodo platform.
Upon application, you will be sent additional instructions for using the online platform.
Green Balkans reserves the right to suspend enrollment if a sufficient number of candidates, corresponding to the number of awards, is collected.
► Prizes!

• The 10 best participants will be rewarded with a visit to one of the vulture conservation areas. Depending on the place of residence of the winners, the closest project area will be selected. Students will have the opportunity to see vultures up close and immerse themselves in the work of protecting vultures for a day.
* Important! Due to the state of emergency in the country, the visits to the regions will be conducted in compliance with the safety recommendations and organized in an appropriate period.
• Other Awards – a vulture cup, vulture T-shirt, board game with species from the NATURA 2000 ecological network.
All participants and their teachers will receive a certificate of participation as well as additional information and educational materials.
► Awarding ...
The awarded participants will be announced on the Green Balkans and the ‘Bright future for the Black Vulture’ project webpages as well as on our Facebook page on May 21st, when the official NATURA 2000 Day is celebrated.
We are available for questions:
• Email:
• or at +359882508721
The Green Balkans Vulture Team

  • Win a visit to the home of vultures and see them in their natural habitat!
    Win a visit to the home of vultures and see them in their natural habitat!
  • Win a vulture t-shirt
    Win a vulture t-shirt
  • ..or a board game about species within the Natura 2000 network..
    ..or a board game about species within the Natura 2000 network..
  • Learn about vultures and win a vulture mug!
    Learn about vultures and win a vulture mug!

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