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Another nest of a pair of Imperial Eagles found
[ 10.03.2010 ]
The Green Balkans team localized another nest of a pair of Imperial Eagles (Aquila heliaca) in the Upper-Thracian lowlands – i.e. in the area to the north of the Dervent heights. The nest is built at a new spot by a pair of Imperial Eagles from the region of Elhovo municipality, a pair well known to experts. more >>
The breeding period for Imperial eagles begins
[ 04.03.2010 ]
The Green Balkans team, carrying out regular observations of the nesting territories of Imperial eagles, found out that the eagles are preparing for their breeding period. more >>
Interesting behavior of a young Imperial eagle revealed by a GPS/GSM transmitter
[ 01.03.2010 ]
The ones that have been following the work of Green Balkans related to the conservation of Imperial eagles and tagging of young birds with radio- and satellite transmitters might recall the young eagle, tagged with a prototype GPS/GSM transmitter in October 2007. The processing of the data, sent by the transmitter keeps on revealing interesting features of the bird’s behavior. more >>
Winter monitoring of Imperial Eagles
[ 21.01.2010 ]
In the period December 20th – January 20th, Green Balkans’ team carried out monitoring of wintering juvenile and non-breeding Imperial Eagles in southern Bulgaria. more >>

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