Green Balkans Federation
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• Guarding and supplementary feeding of Eastern Imperial Eagles - focused approach on separate breeding pair. We use in Bulgarian "individual pair approach" which means that each single pair targeted by the project is fed and guardedby a separate field officer all day around.

• Supplementary feeding of Cinereous Vulture in East Rodopi.

• Radio and satellite tracking of Eastern Imperial Eagle and Cinereous Vulture, both young and adults - to distinguish breeding pairs home range, to study movements and temporary settlement areas etc.

• Providing nesting grounds for target species. In long term perspective - planting suitable native trees. In short term perspective - providing nest boxes for Lesser kestrel and placement of artificial nests for Eastern Imperial Eagle and Cinereous Vulture.

• Identification of potential areas for restoring Lesser Kestrel population (habitat modeling).

• Discovery of yet unknown nests of breeding pairs of Eastern Imperial Eagle.

• Monitoring of death rate under power lines in vicinity of the target Imperial Eagle's pairs.

• Establishment of a captive breeding group of Lesser Kestrels and appropriate set of aviaries and vivarium for them.

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