Pomorie Lake – Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainable Management
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Urgent Measures for Restoration and Conservation of Species and Habitats of European Significance within Pomorie Lake Complex of Protected Natural Areas
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Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons


LIFE19 NAT/BG/000804

Life for Pomorie Lagoon

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Appreciation to the photographers Dear friends,

We have all been fascinated with the beauty of Bulgaria’s nature at least once in our lifetime. However, only few of us have the skills, insight and flair needed to take astonishing pictures of this beauty and the rich natural resources.
For this website, we have used pictures taken by some of Bulgaria’s best wildlife photographers, for which we express our warmest thanks!
We truly hope that through these photographs we will touch the hearts of a broad range of people and will manage to involve them in the preservation and protection of the Pomorie Lake.

For this website, we have used pictures taken by:

• Boris Belchev – http://www.alcedowildlife.com/
• Valeri Hristov - http://www.taurus13.net/
• Vladimir Stoyanov - http://vstoyanov.com/
• Dobromir Dobrinov - http://www.greenbalkans.org/ and http://www.birdsinbulgaria.org/
• Evgeniy Dakov - http://www.wildlifeinbulgaria.com/
• Emil Enchev - http://www.cometobg.com/and http://www.birdsinbulgaria.org/
• Ivaylo Zafirov - http://www.wildlifephotos.eu/ and http://www.birdsinbulgaria.org/
• Liubomila Krivoshieva - http://photo-forum.net/falconess
• Liubomir Andreev - http://www.wildlifevideos.eu/
• Nikolay Staykov - http://birdsphotographer.com/ and http://www.birdsinbulgaria.org/
• Minko Mihaylov - http://www.minkomihaylov.com/
• Ognyan Todorov - http://rnhm.org/
• Hristo Nikolov - http://www.greenbalkans.org/
• Green Balkans’ archive

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