Pomorie Lake – Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainable Management
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Urgent Measures for Restoration and Conservation of Species and Habitats of European Significance within Pomorie Lake Complex of Protected Natural Areas
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Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean Saltworks and Coastal Lagoons


LIFE19 NAT/BG/000804

Life for Pomorie Lagoon

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Education and information activities Environmental education program

Green Balkans has been implementing an environmental education program in the schools of Pomorie, Burgas, and the region, including lectures, afforestation campaigns, drawing and essay competitions, birdwatching at the lake, celebrating international environmental dates, Olympiads, etc. The program is intended to get the children acquainted with the rich biodiversity preserved in the area of Pomorie Lake. In addition, the program presents other aspects related to environment protection, such as climate change, water and air pollution, recycling, wise natural resource use, Black Sea biodiversity protection, etc. These activities resulted in good contacts and relations with teachers and students of “Hristo Botev” Primary School and “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School in Pomorie, Burgas Museum of Natural History, Burgas Regional Inspectorate of Education, etc. The program has involved more than 100 children from the schools of Pomorie and Pomorie region. In 2009, the International Wetland Day – February 2nd, was celebrated in partnership with “Strandja” Nature Park Directorate. The celebration included a quiz called “Pomoriad” as the prizes were provided by the Park Directorate. Information about this celebration was also uploaded on the website of the Ramsar Convention Secretariat.
Various information materials have been produced: “Pomorie Lake” jigsaw puzzle for the youngest and a series of posters “The fauna of Pomorie Lake” for the older, as well as a brochure containing a map of the lake and pictures of its inhabitants.
This educational program will continue, being one of the main functions of the newly opened Visitor Center. There, young and old visitors will have the chance to learn about the rich diversity of Pomorie Lake as a valuable habitat of numerous species and a source of important natural resources – sea salt and curative mud.

Information activities

From the very beginning, many of the activities implemented by Green Balkans in the area of Pomorie Lake aim at creating public awareness. Therefore, information signboards have been installed, the borders of the protected area have been marked, and various information materials, such as posters, brochures, stickers, etc. have been published. The organized events include study tours, seminars, meetings and discussions with the public on issues related to the preservation of Pomorie Lake and sustainable natural resource management. Since 1996, the media have been informed about every edition of the conservation working holidays, and the results have been presented accordingly. A new method of presenting Pomorie Lake to the general public was launched in 2008 – i.e. “The Magic of Pomorie Lake” EcoFest. Through this broad forum the area of the lake can be presented in its entirety: unique natural area, source of natural resources, recreation site, cultural and educational tourist destination, etc. The establishment of the Visitor Center for Conservation of Pomorie Lake will supplement and secure the future implementation of the public awareness activities.

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