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Motto: “Biological diversity is life, biological diversity is our life”

<![CDATA[The Visitor Center of Pomorie Lake is already Open]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=195 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=195

On an official ceremony on the 10th of June, 2010 was opened the information and ecological center of the complex of protected nature territories of Pomorie Lake.

<![CDATA[Happy INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY – 22 May]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=193 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=193

Dear friends, Green Balkans NGO greet all who are sharing our mission for conservation of the biodiversity for its international day – 22 May!

<![CDATA[Public discussion on the Pomorie Lake Management Plan]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=183 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=183

Public discussion on the Integrated Management Plan for the Pomorie Lake complex of protected sites was carried out on January 12th, 2010 in Pomorie.

<![CDATA[The Counstruction of the Visitors’ Center of Pomorie Lake Was Given an Official Start]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=182 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=182

On an official ceremony on 19 October, 2009 Green Balkans, the municipality of Pomorie and the Ministry of Environment and Waters, opened the construction of the visitors’ center of the complex of protected territories at Pomorie Lake.

<![CDATA[Green Balkans launched a new project for conservation of rare species and habitats in the area of the Pomorie Lake]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=181 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=181

Green Balkans launched a project entitled “Urgent measures for restoration and conservation of species and habitats of European significance within the complex of protected natural areas of the Pomorie Lake”, funded by the ERDF and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through Environment OP 2007-2013.

<![CDATA[Construction of a Visitor’s Center for conservation of the Pomorie Lake]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=180 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=180

The procedure for selection of a constructor for the “Visitor’s Center for Conservation of the Pomorie Lake” was completed. The facility is being constructed within Green Balkans’ project “Pomorie Lake: Conservation, Restoration, and Sustainable Development”, funded by the GEF and the World Bank.

<![CDATA[Mud fight at the Fest in Pomorie ]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=160 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=160

At the opening of the Eco-fest in Pomorie Miss Antonia Petrova, Miss Bulgaria 2009 have not hesitated to try the Pomorian medicinal mud together with a group of enthusiasts who turned the pool with medicinal mud into a battlefield.

<![CDATA[500 kg of garbage was gathered at the dunes of Pomorie]]> http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=178 http://www.greenbalkans.org/pomorielake/indexdetails.php?menu_id=79&elem_id=178

Volunteers of Green Balkans cleaned the dirtiest part of the dunes that separate Pomorie Lake from the Black Sea. The beach is a part of the protected territory but the irresponsible tourists cover it with garbage every year.