[01-10-2019] October - Bat month
Bats are the only flying mammals. It is a misconception that they do not see, on the contrary, they do have eyes. Much more sophisticated, however, is their way to get around in the dark by echolocation. Bats use ultrasounds that we people cannot hear, in order to scan the environment, to search for food or to communicate with one another.

In Europe, there are 35 species of bats with Bulgaria providing habitats for food, breeding and wintering to 33 of them! They are all rare and protected species of great nature conservation value. European species are entirely insectivorous species, thus helping to reduce mosquitoes, grasshoppers and other pests in agriculture unnoticed. All bats in Bulgaria are protected by the Biological Diversity Act. In addition, 13 of them are included in the list of species for conservation in the NATURA 2000 ecological network. The main objective of the Habitats Directive is "to ensure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats".

13 species of bats are included in Annex 2: Rhinolophus blasii, Rh. euryale, Rh. ferrumequinum, Rh. hipposideros, Rh. mehelyi, Barbastella barbastellus, Miniopterus schreibersii, Myotis bechsteinii, M. blythii, M. capaccinii, M. dasycneme, M. emarginatus и M. myotis.

An obligation for EU Member States is to ensure adequate conservation of these species and their habitats, especially in NATURA 2000 sites.

The destruction of natural habitats and bat shelters, as well as the uncontrolled use of insecticides, have caused a dramatic decline in their numbers in many countries. This calls for urgent conservation measures to be taken.

In 1989, as part of the Green Balkans activities, the "Bat Research and Protection Group" was established. Since then, the experts in the group have been working on a number of activities related to the study and protection of bats and their habitats, as well as capacity building of new experts.

How can one help?
- By participating in our bat monitoring activities
- By participating in the organization of the Bat Night
- By participating in information campaigns on bats (presentations, distribution of information materials, etc.).
- By convincing more people about the benefits of bats and the fact that they are fascinating and rare animals
- By donating funds for the protection of vultures in Bulgaria. See DONATIONS for more information.

Green Balkans are a member of the international organization BatLife Europe.

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