[22-10-2019] International Bat Night in the village of Parvomaytsi, Veliko Tarnovo
As part of the International Bat Night information campaign, students from 5th, 6th and 7th grade, together with the “Friends of Nature” Club at “Elin Pelin” Primary School in the village of Parvomaytsi were introduced to our mysterious wild neighbors.

A Green Balkans team working on “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons” project celebrated Bat Night in the classroom of “Elin Pelin” Primary School, with students having the opportunity to answer natural questions such as "What are bats?", "How many fingers do they have?", "How do they navigate?", "What do bats eat?", "May I get a bat?" and many more. In the form of a presentation, bats were introduced to the students, talking about all wonderful representatives of the species that one can see in Bulgaria and across the globe. After we cemented the newly acquired information with a thematic quiz and won prizes, we put on the bat wings.

The Green Balkans team is grateful for the kind invitation and hospitality of the management of “Elin Pelin” Primary School and the supervisors Svilen Drakaliev and Daniela Mihailova.
Thanks to the nature lovers from the “Friends of Nature” Club at “Elin Pelin” Primary School. We hope that they will keep being so inquisitive.

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Additional information:
International Bat Night

The Bat Night information campaign aims to introduce more people to the importance of bats, arguing against the common myths and showing that these flying mammals are not at all scary, on the contrary - adorable and beneficial at the same time.

There are 33 of a total of 35 European bat species in Bulgaria, which ranks our country second in the continent in terms of species diversity. All bat species are rare and protected and they are of great nature conservation importance.

Green Balkans are a member of the international organization BatLife Europe.


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