[23-09-2022] Bat Night in the Town of Lovech
On 20.09.2022 in the town of Lovech, with the courtesy of the Municipality of Lovech, we held Bat Night for another year. Celebrated for the first time more than 25 years ago, today the European Bat Night is organized in more than 30 countries, including Bulgaria.

In order to reach more people in Bulgaria - mainly children and students, we at Green Balkans traditionally celebrate this not with a one-time event on one date, but with several events throughout the month.

With the event in Lovech, we opened the month of Bats and we advise you to follow our Facebook page for upcoming events!

The children and visitors to our event had the opportunity to learn many useful and interesting facts about bats and their way of life. It turned out that these interesting animals are not only not as scary as they say, but they are even our friends!
In addition, the children had the opportunity to participate in an interactive puzzle-game that reinforced their knowledge about the flying inhabitants of dark caves, they were able to support the promotion of our idea with big smiles by being painted who by hand, who by face and shared to your friends what you learned! Every child who came to the event participated in our workshops, where bat masks and bat key chains were made. So our little friends would be part of the idea even after the event was over. Most patient stayed until dark and enjoyed the screening of a short film about bats, and some even used a special device to “hear” bats!

We sincerely thank all students, teachers and visitors who participated in the event! We thank, of course, the Municipality of Lovech, who for another year were our kind hosts and assisted us with everything necessary for holding the Bat Night!

Polya Ruseva – Project Coordinator, mobile: +359 894059156,

The events of Green Balkans and friends on the occasion of the European Bat Night are made possible thanks to:

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