[06-10-2018] The International Bat Night in Plovdiv
Once agin we are celebrating the International Bat Night in Plovdiv.

The event started at 17:00 at the Natural History Museum - Plovdiv which couldn't fit all bat fans who came to celebrate with us. That is why we organized a presentation inside for the older fans and for the younger - a special book reading in the dark :)

After that everyone went outside in the Dondukov garden behind the museum where kids could enjoy different activities - origami, making special knots speleologist use when they visit bats at their caves as well as learning climbing techniques.

We also had the traditional photo exhibition, presenting different bat species and banners with interesting information about the flying mammals and their habitats.

At the end of the evening, with the most patient of our visitors, we listened in on bats after dark in the garden where with the help of our special ultrasound detector we could hear what they ’told’ each other.

We would like to thank all participants for coming, we would also like to thank our volunteers for helping us in preparing this special event and last but not least, to our hosts at the Regional Natural History Museum - Plovidv, as well as our friends from the ‘Paldin’ SC and the ‘Cherni vrah’ CC for donating their time!

Thanks you all on behalf of our wild neighbors - the bats, it was a wonderful celebration!

We will be awaiting you next year!

PS: Check out our facebook page for more photos from the event!

Additional information:
Aneliya Pavlova - coordinator
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